The products of the Polti Sani System range are steam generators for frequent sanitisation of surfaces, fabrics and objects during the day. The patented technology inside the dispenser generates superheated dry saturated steam up to 180°C capable of reducing the microbial load on the surfaces.
After careful cleaning (which normally takes place once a day) they are the ideal tool for sanitisation objects and surfaces (including fabrics) numerous times a day, especially those most exposed to the continuous and frequent passage of people. The Polti Sani System steam can act in a few seconds and the surfaces dry quickly avoiding possible cross-infection; it reduces the microbial and viral load from surfaces, fabrics and objects, prevents the spread of flu viruses and therefore reduces the risk of the spread of diseases.

Cleaning means removing dirt and visible dust from surfaces.
Sanitizing means treating the rooms in such a way as to make them healthy, therefore complying with hygiene standards, through cleaning and / or disinfection operations.

Yes, you can find all the laboratory tests and studies which Polti Sani System has undergone, both in Italy and abroad, on the following page of the site: Efficacy Tests

  • Allow frequent disinfection operations during the day
  • Dry saturated steam acts on all surfaces quickly and dries in seconds
  • They reduce the risk of cross infection: no contact with the treated surfaces
  • They use only tap water and HPMed
  • They can be used in the presence of people: HPMed is a detergent classified as non-hazardous
  • They are ideal for all surfaces, fabrics and objects, even those with complex geometry.

All models are suitable for those who need to carry out frequent sanitisation during the day on surfaces and fabrics that are exposed to contamination, and already have their own method of cleaning.
The choice between the models in the range depends on several factors:

  • intensity of use
  • dimensions of the surfaces to be treated
  • frequency of use (how many times a day it is necessary to sanitize surfaces)
  • practicality and waiting times (unlimited or more limited working autonomy)
  • need to have a report to confirm the times and frequency of disinfection / sanitization operations

To choose the product that best suits your needs, contact us.

It means the duration of the single operation. Clearly this depends on the type and degree of exposure of the surfaces. In particular, objects and surfaces in environments with frequent and continuous passage of people will require numerous operations during the day – always following the correct protocol for use – but of different duration depending on what must be treated: for example it will be necessary to spend more time on the treatment of all the armchairs in a cinema or theater, less time for the treatment of a handle, a dress or a single dressing room in a clothing store.
The appliances are all equipped with instructions and protocol for correct use.

It depends on several factors, for example the time of action, the size of the surface, its contamination.
A deep disinfection*, for objects and surfaces more exposed to frequent and continuous contact, is obtained by dispensing steam, perpendicular to the surface, keeping the distance of 10 cm given by the spacer for 30 seconds consecutively. The steam will be able to treat an area with a diameter of about 10 cm.
For a frequent sanitising action, deliver steam with slow and repeated steps from right to left (or vice versa), or from top to bottom (or vice versa) at about 10 centimeters per second.
The appliances are all equipped with instructions and protocol for correct use.

The appliances of the Polti Sani System range are ideal for any surface, fabric and environment.
Refer to the instructions and protocol for correct use.

For correct use, it is necessary to follow the instructions and protocol contained within the package.

Yes, it is possible to use Poti Sani System on electrical appliances by disconnecting the plug from the socket before carrying out any operation and waiting for the perfect drying of the surfaces before reconnecting the plug. Refer to the instructions and protocol for correct use.

Polti Sani System Business, or a Polti Sani System Gun if you already have a compatible Polti Vaporetto or Polti Vaporetto Lecoaspira model.

Polti Sani System Pro or Polti Sani System Check if you need it. The latter model allows you to print a report to confirm the times and frequency of disinfection / sanitization operations or to identify the operator that carried out the treatment

Both models are suggested for intense and respected treatments during the day; Polti Sani System Check also allows you to obtain a report confirming the times and frequency of disinfection / sanitization operations and to identify the operator that carried out the treatment. With this product the operation can be performed by a maximum of 9 different operators who are identified individually with an ID CARD.

There are a total of 10 preset programs and program 00 which is variable; they differ according to the actual preset delivery time: from 3 minutes for program 01, up to 35 minutes for program 10.

Polti Sani System can also be used without HPMed, although the maximum result is obtained in combination with this detergent. If used without HPMed detergent, attach the included empty bottle onto the dispenser to prevent condensation from leaving the outlet.
HPMed cannot be replaced with other products.

How long does an HPMed bottle last? Once opened, do I have to finish the bottle or can I use it later?
A 50 ml bottle of HPMed treats about 100 square meters of surface or 50 minutes of continuous delivery. Once opened, it is not necessary to immediately use up the bottle, but to use it within the following 7 days.

The flow concentrators are used to treat hard-to-reach areas or where a concentrated steam jet is needed.

  • Straight flow concentrator: for a concentrated jet, often used to treat drainpipes and grids.
  • Curved flow concentrator: to reach difficult and / or inaccessible points.

The guarantee is linked to the type of purchase: the purchase with a VAT number includes a one-year guarantee, the guarantee is 2 years if the purchase is made by a private individual.


Sani System Check
Sani System Pro
Sani System Business

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*Tests and / or studies by third-party and independent laboratories certify that Polti Sani System kills up to 99.999% of microorganisms (viruses, germs, bacteria, fungi, spores and yeasts).